” When i had first joined image consultancy with Mansididi I was a girl with no self confidence and found myself too different from all the girls around. I felt out of place wherever I went.  Slowly when the clinics started and the way Mansididi helped me was amazing. She explained like a teacher and  made me comfortable as if she was a friend. Life Style was my first clinic.The first thing she cultivated in me was confidence. I was not the person who could be confident about myself so easily but didi never gave up.  Today, when I go out I feel more confident than before and have started loving myself. I do not feel out of place anymore.  

I thank her for converting me into someone whom I felt I never could be.”

-Eshita Shah – 21 year old Engineering Student


Ms Mansi Patel was very professional in understanding my specific needs on self confidence & make the programme accordingly, she designed an eight session module for me on Basic English Grammar, Self Confidence, Body Language and Self Image.

I generally felt average about my conversation in English with my friends & colleagues but in official events and important meetings; I wasn’t satisfied with the way I speak , I wanted to talk confidently. My initial sessions with Ms. Mansi has been great & did wonders to my self confidence. I am yet to undergo half the programme and I am sure to achieve heightened success in communication. She taught me in simple ways to communicate confidently as per my needs.

I express my sincere thanks to Ms. Mansi.

-Mr. Naresh Swami – 35 year old manager working with a BPO

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